For all the peanut butter lovers…

My husband and I have spent three months renting a studio in Chelsea whilst all our possessions have been boxed up and left at my parents house gathering dust (thanks Mum and Dad). Last weekend we finally moved in to our a lovely little flat in Barnes which meant I was finally reunited with my possessions but more importantly my kitchen aid mixer!

Kitchen Aid

How I missed it! It really is the ultimate kitchen accessory and a total indulgence. Not only is it beautiful to look at (mine being bright pink) but it makes baking so quick and easy.

It was quite a deliberation deciding what to bake first and seeing as I was meant to be unpacking, I thought it needed to be something quick and simple but would still give you that buzz that you’re back baking again.

I’ve seen on twitter endless praise for Jo Wheatley’s peanut butter cookies (she was the winner of GBBO in case you didn’t know), so I decided this was the recipe to kick me off. How can you go wrong with the combination of peanut butter, choc chips in cookie form?! Win win in my book!

There is something oddly comforting about peanut butter. I don’t know if it stems back to childhood and having a thick layer of it spread on toast, or if it’s just the rich buttery taste that makes you keep coming back for more. For me, I’d be quite happy with a jar and a teaspoon!

Peanut Butter and spoon

Clearly others agree because I came across this website Peanut Butter Lovers … as they say “spread it on thick”

So out came the kitchen aid mixer for its first spin.

This really is a super quick recipe to whip up, (which you can find here on Jo Wheatley’s website if you have an aga or here is the recipe if you have an oven) and there’s a high chance if you do a bit of baking then you’ll have all the ingredients in the cupboard. The only extras are the peanut butter (obviously!) and the choc chips or peanuts that you can add in at the end. I opted for the choc chips.

Just follow the recipe and all the ingredients are combined in no time.

I did like the tip about taking the cookies out of the oven after about five minutes and giving them a bang down in the tray on to a tea towel to dispense any air. I actually got about 16 cookies out of the batch, but it was hard to keep track as I didn’t give them much time to cool down before eating one.

Cookies on tray

These really are scrummy, crumbly cookies that can rival millies cookies no problem.

close up of cookies Pile of cookiescookies in a jar

If the positive feedback I had from the aislondon office is anything to go by, I think these are a winner.


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