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Maca – Seed – Choc – Squares (Nut Free)

I’ve been rather quiet of late writing my blog due mainly to the arrival of our littlest Rolt, Ellie. She turned 12 weeks old this weekend, and whilst 12 weeks in some ways seems quite old, she still seems like … Continue reading

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Pumpkin spiced, choc chip nutty oat bars – Trick or Treat?

It’s extraordinary how far Halloween has come in the UK over the last few years. To be honest, I can’t even remember going out to ‘trick or treat’ when I was very little. So when you see the shelves now adorned … Continue reading

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Roasted red pepper hummus

I think the world has slowly become obsessed with super foods with every day a different newspaper reporting that a certain type of nut, berry, grain or bean is the latest super food that must be consumed on a daily … Continue reading

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