One Scoop or Two…

Or in my case I went for four!

I’ve walked past Scoop on numerous occasions glancing in to see what has always looked like a fabulous ice cream shop. Having taken a longer look through the window at the menu board, I was quick to spot this wasn’t your average ice cream shop. Not a mint choc chip (my usual favourite) or raspberry ripple in sight.

So late yesterday evening, having had a lovely dinner of Salmon, cranberry and couscous parcels, cooked by Will, we headed out for ice cream.

Scoop Outside

We walked in, eyes opened up wide as we took in the beautiful multi-coloured ice creams we had to choose from in front of us. We then went on to be one of those annoying people that couldn’t make a decision to save their lives!

Scoop ice cream choices

Will being good picked a three scoop tub, I was of course a pig and went for a bigger tub to fit in four flavours. My reasoning being:
(a) I was never going to be able to choose just three
(b) I wasn’t going to get to come back any time soon, so tuck in!

I went for:

• Stracciatella with pasteurised Channel island milk, cream and chocolate couverture
• Caffe with espresso made from single origin coffee beans
• Torroncino with hazelnut nougat from Piedmont
• Cioccolato Fondente with Gran Cru pure single origin cocoa

Scoop my ice cream

But this is the full list of flavours you can pick from.

Scoop describe their gelato as natural luxury and they’ve definitely hit the nail on the head. The vibrant colours are a visual treat and they’re clearly sourced quality raw materials to deliver big flavours.

I’m just wondering if I can nip back in there this evening on my way home to try a few more…. maybe with a waffle this time too!

Me and my ice cream

Scoop ice cream shops can be found across town and you’ll be pleased to hear they also do a home delivery service (to central London postcodes). Could be dangerous!

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One Response to One Scoop or Two…

  1. Will Rolt says:

    Who is the handsome chap in the photo?

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