Autumn coconut porridge topped with blueberries and toasted flaked almonds

I’ve been told off for not updating my blog lately and it’s a fair point. I have been lax that’s obvious to see, but only in sitting down and writing about what I’ve been up to. My experimentation in the kitchen has not slowed up and I’ve been trying out endless different ways to make porridge a little bit different over the last few weeks.


I normally have to eat breakfast on the go, at least, not at home and often when I’m on route somewhere else having just been to the gym. When you hear this sort of introduction it’s often followed by the excuse of having no time to eat a proper breakfast and instead grabbing a breakfast bar or a coffee and a muffin to keep them going till lunchtime. To me, having to eat breakfast on the go is just a challenge of finding foods that work being eaten an hour or two after they’ve been made and lugged around in a bag.


Over the summer I leant towards Greek Yoghurt topped with a variety of garnishes whether it was homemade granola, nuts, flakes of coconut, buckwheat groats or fresh berries. It was fresh, filling and wholesome. But as the weather turns (although we’re currently enjoying some early Autumn sunshine) I go back to the old staple that is porridge.


Porridge just has that comfort you need in the morning, a little bit of warmth, sweetness from the creamy milk, and a tummy that is full of slow-releasing goodness.

But as we’re not in the depths of winter just yet, an autumn porridge has been my recent staple. Autumn porridge to me comes in the form of overnight oats. Oats that have had time to soak up the milk, become plump and fluffy and taste more like an indulgent dessert than a breakfast. They don’t need to be heated which is a bonus because that means no washing up!


This really is the simplest of breakfasts; oats drenched in coconut milk, left to absorb the creaminess overnight, waiting to be topped with whatever you fancy in the morning. My recent favourites being blueberries and toasted flaked almonds. And if I’m craving an extra bit of sweetness, some date syrup or agave nectar gets drizzled on top.

This really does only take a minute the evening before and a couple of minutes in the morning to add some toppings and the result is a scrumptious breakfast that will stop you reaching for that chocolate muffing come 11am. Can’t be a bad thing.


Autumn coconut porridge topped with blueberries and toasted flaked almonds

Serves 1 (hungry person)


70g organic porridge oats

200ml coconut milk

Handful of blueberries or fruit of your choice

Tbsp of goji berries

Tbsp of toasted flakes

Drizzle of agave necar, date syrup or honey (if desired)


Place 70g porridge in an airtight container.

Pour 200ml coconut milk over the oats and place in the fridge to soak up over night.

In the morning, top with your chosen toppings.

It really is as easy as that!

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