Strawberry and Leek Quesadillas

Do you ever wonder what it might be like to switch lives with someone? I do it quite a lot. More out of curiosity than anything else; just to know what they’re thinking, to see how their day might pan out, that sort of thing.

The idea of switching lives doesn’t have to be with people I know, in fact it’s much more likely that it passes through my mind about people that I don’t know and just happen to sit next to on a bus. I wonder where they are off to, what worries them and what makes them happy. How does their life compare to mine?


I guess you could just say I’m nosey, which I probably am. But I don’t really want to know the finer details, more the general gist of what makes someone tick and why they make particular decisions. And to be honest, I don’t think I’d want to switch for much longer than 24 hours, just a taster before getting back to my life.


It sort of links up to that age old and very important question… Which super power would you go for?

Would you like to be able to fly, be invisible or have the ability to read other people’s minds (telepathy)? There are obviously other super powers like teleportation, super strength or the ability to heal but let’s stick with the original three for now.

I’m definitely going to pick flying. I’m thinking super speed flying, that way you can end up in Barbados in a few minutes… see where my mind is going here.  Imagine the freedom that would you give you, just to get away, head in the clouds, travel to the sunshine (especially with the relentless rain we’ve had here).

I think being able to read people’s minds or being invisible is likely to end up in you getting hurt and possibly finding out things you’d rather not know. And how do you stop everyone’s thoughts constantly infiltrating your brain? System overload!

I’ll stick to the flying and chasing the sun!


I’ll often sit at the weekend tapping away, writing my blog, looking down at Barnes High Street watching people wander by. I like the peacefulness of the flat, with no more noise than that made from my fingers on the keyboard and the odd bus rolling by. Alone with your thoughts, writing what comes into my mind and seeing what develops on the screen in front of me.

I used to get my ‘thinking time’ when I ran, but with that on the backburner for a few months, I’ve noticed how I like to be in the flat when it’s quiet. Quite the opposite to how I used to be where I’d walk in and turn on the radio or tv just for some background noise. Maybe it’s age!


I’ll often spend this time planning evening meals for the week ahead, but it’s come to my attention that I don’t give much thought to what I’m going to eat for lunch beyond trying to keep it quite healthy and what’s easily portable to get to work.


However, with so many new cookbooks on the shelf after Christmas and a promise to try out some new flavour combinations, I couldn’t resist trying a strawberry and leek quesadilla recipe I’d spotted when leafing through The Sprouted Kitchen cookbook.

I love adding fruit to salads and I thought that the strawberry, cheese and leek combination would conjure up something altogether quite interesting.


On a rare sunny Sunday afternoon in town, putting together a fresh ‘spring-inspired’ dish seemed like the perfect way to compliment the sunbeams streaming through the windows.

The crunchy brown tortillas encased a lovely gooey cheese centre peppered with fresh strawberries and sweet leeks. The mix of mozzarella and goats cheese tied the tortillas together with stringy cheese that made it all the more satisfying to bite into, reminiscent of a cheesy pizza. I should never have questioned strawberries being baked in such a way as they provided a lovely cut through flavour.


I think sometimes we get overly bogged down with adding additional ingredients to dishes that just aren’t necessary. This recipe proves that using simple ingredients that compliment each other can deliver up a delightful, yet incredibly simple lunch.

Strawberry, Goats Cheese and Leek Quesadillas (taken from the Sprouted Kitchen) 

Serves 1


1 leek

2 teaspoons coconut oil or extra-virgin olive oil

2 brown seeded tortilla wraps

1/3 cup crumbled goats cheese

1/3 cup shredded mozzarella

½ cup thinly sliced strawberries

Season well with sea salt and ground pepper

Garnish with coriander


Trim and clean the leek before slicing it up into thin circles.

In a frying pan (bigger than a tortilla), sauté your leeks in the olive oil over a medium heat until they are soft and browning, which should take about 10 minutes. Add a pinch of salt before transferring the leeks to a bowl to use later.

Add a little more oil to the pan and add a tortilla.

Sprinkle on your goats cheese, mozzarella, leeks, strawberries, with a generous helping of pepper.

Cover with the second tortilla and cook until browned on the bottom, which will only take a couple of minutes.

Brush the top tortilla with a little olive oil and flip.

Again, cook until the ‘now’ bottom tortilla is browned.

Serve the quesadilla, cut into wedges with a sprinkling of coriander and enjoy warm.

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