Georgina’s Restaurant

Nestled amongst the hustle and bustle of Barnes High Street is a lovely cafe-restaurant making its mark on the local residents called Georgina’s.


Whilst there isn’t a lack of cafes or lunch options along the high street all looking for the attention of those walking through the leafy picturesque village that is Barnes, Georgina’s is managing to stand out from the crowd.

With a vintage colour palette exterior and lovely big sash doors at the front, you have the constant  challenge of walking past the front door without spotting all the cakes and beautiful salads on display enticing you in.


This of course means that I rarely do…


You are always greeted with a warm welcome and a genuine smile from the staff at Georgina’s and with the clean white chairs and tables dotting the room, an example of keeping things simple and getting it right shouts out. With plenty of sunlight shining through the windows, the clean white walls demonstrate a contemporary style but with a woman’s touch.

There is a lovely counter of food as you walk in with plates of blooming chocolate meringues, chocolate and almond giant cookies and normally a cake of the week with slices missing just proving their popularity with the customers.


Lovely chalk boards hang on the walls telling you about some of the menu options available, making it very hard to miss the frozen yoghurt that’s clearly going to be following up your lunch.

What always catches my eye though is the platters of salads arranged so artistically on the counter.

IMG_1476 IMG_1331 IMG_1333

This is a cafe where the food is doing the talking. It’s such a nice change not to have to try and pick just one salad to go with but instead make a plate up of three different salads giving you the feel of a local Italian delicatessen in Tuscany.  It makes it a much easier process for someone like me that likes to try a little bit of everything.


The salads are beautiful to look at (but even better to eat) and are so fresh that the flavours pack massive punches.  I can vouch for the hummus with pita bread, roasted butternut squash with toasted pumpkin seeds and ricotta and mixed roasted vegetables with rosemary crustini to name but a few!

IMG_1477 IMG_1481

Between my husband and friends, we’ve tried most the menu and haven’t been disappointed yet.

The brunch menu is just as good and a firm favourite of mine and a friend (as it happens) is the sourdough bread topped with avocado and tomato and a couple of slices of bacon on the side. It’s fresh, flavoursome and fantastic. I’ve even taken to recreating this dish at home, but why is it that everything always tastes better when you’re out with friends enjoying brunch with a banana and passion fruit smoothie catching up on the latest news.


Georgina’s doesn’t allow reservations as they have the view that if you’re coming in for a coffee, lunch or just a slice of cake, there’s no need for you to rush so that they can turn the table over again. They want you to enjoy yourself, take your time and it’s this kind of attitude which is a recipe for success in my opinion.

So if you’re in South West London, looking for somewhere to enjoy a couple of hours over lunch in lovely surroundings with friendly staff, then look no further than Georgina’s.

All I can say is I am spoilt to call this my local. Just need to try out the dinner menu next…

Georgina’s Restaurant , 56 Barnes High Street, London SW13 9LF

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  1. This looks amazing–now I have yet another reason to visit London one day! 🙂

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