Breakfast at The Delaunay

“Somewhere, someone is starting breakfast and thinking, ‘Today will be better than yesterday.’ Wherever, whenever breakfast comes, it’s a mouthful of stoic optimism,” observed author A. A. Gill.

Breakfast is probably my favorite meal of the day. It’s a bold statement but having not eaten for a good 12 hours, you’ve basically fasted and your body is craving to be fed. You always read in the papers how breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I couldn’t agree more. Not only does it kick off your metabolism, but it sets you up for the day with enough energy to get everything done that you need to do that day. I never understand those people that just have a cup of tea in the morning when there are so many fabulous things you can eat for breakfast.

Day-to-day I’m a porridge girl with plenty of sultanas, banana, cinnamon and either soya or almond milk added to give it that creamy comforting taste you need in the cold winter and spring! However, when I get the opportunity to go out for breakfast or even better, get treated to breakfast, this sets me up in a great mood for the day.

I was lucky enough to go to The Delaunay  this week which is situated on 55 Aldwych Street, just off The Strand.

With my head down following google maps on my iphone, watching the blue dot as it neared the red balloon, I looked up and spotted a racing green bike with a an old wicker basket sat on the pavement.


With the eye-catching bicycle working well as an alternative advertising board, I realised I had reached The Delaunay. I looked up and through the doors spotted the golden baked pastry selection on offer and it immediately drew me inside.
My eyes grew wide at the counter display in front of me that I wasn’t quite sure where to look first. There were piles of buttery croissants, delightful danishes hanging on stands, golden pain au chocolate dusted with icing sugar and croissants oozing with ham and cheese.

IMG_1433 IMG_1428

As I looked round the cafe (now realising I clearly wasn’t in the restaurant, which is where I was meant to be) I took in the fantastic surroundings. The decor was like a cross between a modern European brasserie and being on the Orient Express. The dark greens, mixture of seating on offer, the big old fashioned clocks and lighting, I immediately loved it.
As I was already running 10 minutes late, I had to get a wriggle on and headed through to the restaurant. It was a huge room that was absolutely buzzing with the London crowd getting in an early feed before the busy day ahead. There appeared to be a mixture of clientele in the room either having breakfast meetings, ladies doing breakfast (rather than lunch!) and couples spoiling themselves with a proper posh breakfast.

I was kindly greeted and shown to my table. The decor of the restaurant reflected the cafe and you felt like you had been transported to Europe and were about to eat in a lovely brasserie. There were smart brass fittings, antique clocks, big leather green banquets and magnificent marble floors.

IMG_1416 - Copy

Once Mark had arrived we both studied the breakfast menu. There was plenty on the menu to choose from however I always find it difficult to sway away from smoked salmon with scrambled eggs or granola with yoghurt. My worst fear is getting food envy when someone else orders better than you!

Mark went slightly off-piste and ordered a bowl of coffee with a baguette to start with and I got a good old fashioned latte. They actually brought out a bowl of hot chocolate with a baguette which in the circumstances, what with the weather being so bitterly cold, Mark decided to keep it rather than return it for what he actually ordered.
After a fierce battle back-and-forth between smoked salmon or granola, I went with the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.
I loved that they served it a little bit differently with the smoked salmon wrapped round the scrambled eggs with some sour dough toast on the side. It was like the smoked salmon was hugging the eggs making sure they couldn’t escape off the plate.

Mark went for Eggs Arlington, which is a toasted muffin topped with a poached egg, a swirl of smoked salmon and a dash of hollandaise. It was a beautiful plate of food… demolished in about 30 seconds!
The Delaunay is the younger sibling of The Wolseley but from what I’ve heard it’s not standing in The Wolseley’s shadow. The price of breakfast is more than reasonable when you compare it against other hotels and restaurants in London. What sets it apart is the wonderful charm and charisma that can often be lacking in large hotel breakfast restaurants.

If you’re after a cooked breakfast then head to the restaurant, otherwise The Delaunay Counter offers a fantastic array of pastries and coffees and you can catch up on the morning paper in European style.

Whichever you go for, you’re in for a treat.

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