Support the British Farmery and order a frozen delight

Having spent a fair few holidays in the US it’s amazed me how long it’s taken for the frozen yoghurt scene to hit the UK. On every corner on the busy streets of California, you spot frozen yoghurt shops with the option to add a variety of toppings. I wouldn’t like to admit how many times I visited Pinkberry whilst I was in San Diego with Gemma.

The great thing about frozen yoghurt is that you get that hit of something scrummy without all the calories but the satisfaction you feel from a sweet treat.

In the last couple of years, I’ve started to notice that frozen yoghurt chains are hitting the UK high street. At first there was only Snog on the scene… interesting name for a frozen yoghurt chain. Then Frae came along trying to get a piece of the action with stores popping up round London.

My favourite though is a little independent shop that you’ll find on Richmond’s busy high street called The Farmery. The Farmery just gets it right. As it says on their website, it’s healthy, refreshing and revitalising. Packed with probiotics, high in calcium and fibre, boosts immunity and improves digestion. More to the point, it tastes great. The yoghurt is made from milk sourced from a family-run farm in Anglesey… hence the name.


On a miserable rainy Sunday I decided that I didn’t care that it was cold and wet, a frozen yoghurt was needed to make the day seem just a little bit better. I think it was to kid myself that Spring might be just round the corner.  So off I went to the Farmery to deliberate which yoghurt was going to hit the spot.

I love that the interior is simple, bright and fresh and gives you the option to pull up a chair, chill out with your yoghurt and have a natter with your friends.
The Framery don’t just offer your usual natural flavour yoghurt, but also wild strawberry, chocolate and my favourite salted caramel. They also have endless toppings to choose from compared to the other chains out there making the decision making process arduous and time-consuming! Luckily the staff are polite and attentive and happy to wait whilst you deliberate but offering some suggestions of what goes well with what.

Whilst I’d normal go for salted caramel yoghurt topped with raspberries, brownies and granola, with some berry coulis, I decided I’d go off-piste and pick something off the Best of British Menu.
It really was a tough decision and I was torn between The Sticky Toffee Pudding and The Flapjack. I ended up opting for the flapjack (my love of granola winning me over).
This was only a small size, but their sizes are generous as are the toppings, so you’re getting value for money as well as a little bit of sunshine in a pot.
If you do feel the need for something to warm your insides in the depths of the British winter they also do some amazing looking waffles or frozen yoghurt topped with some winter warmers options like honey and cinnamon stewed apples.

Having demolished my flapjack, I had the energy to get back out in the rain and possibly sneak in to around a few more shops before heading home to get Sunday dinner on.


The Farmery can be found on 48 The Quadrant, Richmond TW9 1DN and you can follow them @farmeryfroyo

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