Say no to egg white omelettes!

Whilst I’d like to think I’m quite health conscious with a balanced diet and I’m quite clearly rather addicted to exercise, I still just can’t get my head round believing that using left over egg whites to make egg white omelettes could possibly be the best use of them. For starters, egg white omelettes are just rank!

After making crème brulees last weekend, I had about 250g of egg whites sat in the fridge asking to be used for something and an omelette definitely wasn’t what I was thinking. Now the go to recipe for most people is meringues, which actually is something I’ve not made before so I was tempted to go this route. I’d even got as far as looking up a meringue recipe along with what else I could do with the meringues once I’d made them. I’d actually decided to see if I could add them to ice cream to make them last a bit longer in the freezer.

But, after monitoring twitter, I saw a tweet from a blog I follow avidly called The Little Loaf  It really is a fabulous blog which is entertaining to read and there are always great posts about recipes that you can’t help but want to try and recreate yourself.

By pure coincidence (and luck), the blogger had tweeted about an alternative to using egg whites to makes meringues which was to bake financiers. I have to say I’d never heard of financiers so I hit Google to find out more as it clearly couldn’t be someone involved with money!

A financier is a small French cake, which is light and moist (similar to a sponge cake) and usually contains almond flour, crushed or ground almonds or almond flavouring. The distinctive feature of the recipe is beurre noisette (brown butter). They are often mistaken for pastry and are similar in size to petits fours… so fit in your mouth in one go.

The recipe suggestion from the Little Loaf was to make Green Tea, Honey & Pistachio Financiers, but I’m not a fan of Green Tea, so as the Little Loaf blogger said… “let the honey and pistachio be the star flavours,” so that’s what I did!

I had a look in the cupboard and appeared to have most of the ingredients:
110g unsalted butter
1 tbsp good quality honey
120g free range egg whites (about 4 eggs)
Pinch salt
110g golden caster sugar
40g flour
85g pistachios, ground to a powder
30g ground almonds
(makes 12)

And then followed the suggested method but leaving out the green tea.

I also decided to make a second batch (seeing as I had so many egg whites to spare) using pecans instead of pistachios, maple syrup instead of honey and added a tablespoon of cocoa powder. In my head this second batch was basically going to taste like a chocolate pecan pie!


The pistachio and honey financiers were my favorites of the two batches. They were so moist and light with all the ground almonds and blended pistachios that it was hard not to munch through half of them in one sitting.


I loved that when you broke them open you could see the speckles of green coming through from the pistachios.

The pecan, cocoa and maple syrup were actually even better after a couple of days than straight from the oven because the pecan flavor seemed to get more pronounced over time. I think next time I’d make them without the cocoa because I think it over powered the pecan more than I expected, but if you’re a chocolate fan, keep it in.

Financiers really were surprisingly quick to whip up and as the little cakes weren’t quite enough to fill a cup cake case it made them look rather dainty and cute. I wouldn’t quite say they were ‘pop in your mouth in one go’ (you could try though) but two bites definitely devoured the cake comfortably.

I think the nice thing about these cakes is that you can just experiment with the different nuts which make the flavor combinations endless. I’d like to try some with hazelnuts or walnuts.

So when someone suggests that you use egg whites to make an egg white omelet, look at them in disgust and remember you know best… go make some fancy financiers.

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3 Responses to Say no to egg white omelettes!

  1. Hooray for financiers! 🙂

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