Jamie Oliver’s homemade Birtish burgers

So I’ve been trying to decide what topic to start with for my first blog and decided that this blog really came about when I told people about the ‘recipe spreadsheet’. I must admit that I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to spreadsheets and if there’s an excuse to start a new one, then I’m the first to click on that excel icon.

For the last few years I’ve been trying endless different recipes (with most now coming from the BBC Good Food website) and I was finding it difficult to remember which ones I had already cooked and more importantly which ones I really liked. So from the new year I decided to keep a list of all the recipes along with a short note if I liked them or not.

I bet you’re all thinking, it must take ages to work out what you’re going to eat each week, but I love scrolling through the bbcgoodfood website or searching the web for recipes and just seeing what’s on offer. There is a bit of a theme to the week as I like to make sure we keep things as healthy as possible, Monday to Thursday at least. Generally each week there will be two fish dishes (one salmon, one white fish), king prawns, chicken and a red meat dish or a veggie meal. Then we’ll go out one day for lunch or dinner. It really takes no time at all to sort out the weekly shop, especially with the aid of online shopping to make it super fast. I honestly think there’s no excuse to eat the same meals every week when there are so many recipes out there online. Why be boring and eat the same thing when you can try new cuisines and test your taste buds.

All my family are really into their cooking and with my sister, Emily, now over in Hong Kong, but a keen cook too, I sent her over the spreadsheet so that she could try some of the recipes I particularly liked. It turns out the ‘recipe spreadsheet’ has become a bit of a talking point and is starting to do the rounds in the school that my sister teaches in so I must be onto something.

I think one of my favourite recipes so far this year (which was a Friday night treat) was Jamie Oliver’s (15 minute meal) British burgers. My husband and I had been super healthy for the first few weeks of January and I thought we both needed a treat dinner, so burgers seemed the perfect meal.

To prove how easy it is, this is a video of a nine year old cooking the burger in Jamie’s kitchen

And this is how mine turned out:

Jamie Oliver Burger

I always thought you only eat hamburgers out, but this definitely proves that’s just not true. (But I will tell you about the best burger in town another time!)

So don’t be boring, try something new, surely everything is worth trying at least once!

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